We at St. Mary's focus on providing academic calendar to the students well ahead of the commencement of the Semesters. We concentrate more on academic standards and student empowerment by conducting programs such as Guest Lectures, Industrial Tours, Seminars, Workshops, Training Sessions & Pleasure Trips. Harnessing the skills by focusing on the development of individual, professional and personal growth is an important part of life at campus.

Students get ample opportunities to unleash their creative energies and develop skills through sporting events, cultural events, intercollege competitions college festivals, debates, which help them to develop soft skills, like cross cultural communication and networking to understand cultures and lifestyles. Societies and clubs are run by students to suit, all tastes and preferences.

I. Academic Schedule

1. Conduction of Classes according to the Time-Table

2. Internal IT-Management Meet

3. Mini Project

4. Student Seminar

5. Industrial Visits

6. Pleasure Trips

II. Syllabus Schedule

2. Syllabus Completion Schedule will be collected from the faculty & same will be circulated to the students well in advance.

3. Internal monitoring of syllabus completion

4. Unit wise feedback

III. Attendance Policy

1. Attendance will be scrutinized fortnightly and the same will be intimated to the parents by telephone calls and telegrams.

2. Attendance will be displayed fortnightly.

3. Every student must have minimum of 75% attendance failing which will be detained.

IV. Value Added Programs

1. Guest Lectures

2. Case Studies

3. Work Shops

4. Industrial Visits

5. Pre-Placement Training program

V. Meetings

1. Parents-Teacher Meeting once in a Semester to inform about the behavior & progress of their wards.

2. Student Committee meetings will be conducted on weekly basis to discuss the various problems related to academics and explaining the views and ideas of the future plans of the organization.

VI. Faculty Development Program

1. For the development of faculty in their respective fields the management encourages to participate in the programs conducted by the various Universities and Institutions across the country..

2. In house training programs will be hosted to the staff for better development and enhancement of skills by eminent personalities in the related fields across the globe.

VII. Mentoring

1. Assigning students a faculty member as mentor. The student mentor ratio is 20:1

2. Integration of the student with the academic program psychologically. Remedial sessions will be conducted for those who have problems in understanding.

3. Counseling and motivating the students - academically, on the professional and behavioral front.

4. Counseling the students to maintain attendance and to be responsible for their own learning.

5. During pre-placement talks and interviews, mentors spend time with their students in order to enable them to understand themselves better and well prepared for the interviews.