Management - Parents - Students Interaction

Weekly students committee meeting:

The issues related to academics, examinations, basic amenities, value added programs etc., are discussed, deliberated and decided. The grievances brought forward by the students are taken into consideration and are redressed as quickly as possible.

Classroom & Hostel Meeting:

The management on regular basis meets the students in classroom environment with respect to methodology of the subject teaching and in hostel about the facilities and issues with respect to ragging etc.

Unit-Wise Students feed backing:

To ensure that quality education is imparted to the students a unit wise feedback is collected from every student for a period of 15 days.

Weekly Telephone Calls to the parents:

At St. Mary's it is our policy to involve parents in the academic events. In this regard, telephone calls are made to parents every week, keeping them abreast with the performance for their wards about attendance, score in tests and conduct etc.

Campus Check:

In addition, to the above methods the management also meets the students during normal campus life to have a constant check on the same.

Parent - Management Meet:

A schedule management, parents & student meeting is also arranged to understand the issues, concerns were matters relating to policies, academic, other services are discussed to accommodate the well being of the student.